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Navin Amarasuriya

Life’s Great Luxury: Training The Heart and Mind
– Navin Amarasuriya

Ng Kok Song

Corporate Head Turned Meditation Champion
– Peter Ng Kok Song

Angelene Chan, CEO, DP Architects

A Passion For Design And Meditation – Angelene Chan, CEO, DP Architects

Dr Lim Lai Cheng wearing a white dress

Evolving The Language Of Education – Dr Lim Lai Cheng

Right People. Right Time. Right Place. Westwood Primary School’s Journey Towards Positive Education

Right People. Right Time. Right Place. Westwood Primary School’s Journey Towards Positive Education

Photo Credit: The Straits Times

Kids Find Inner Calm Through Mindful Breathing

Source: The Straits Times

Morning Meditation at DP Architects

Morning Meditation At DP Architects

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Future Of Work: Mindfulness As A Leadership Practice

Source: Forbes

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Why Google, Nike, and Apple Love Mindfulness Training, and How You Can Easily Love It Too

Source: Inc.

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Sport Is 90% Mental: A Singapore Perspective

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10 Reasons Why Every Athlete in the World Should Meditate

Source: Huffpost

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10 Athletes Who Meditate

Source: The Yogi Press

Silhouette of a woman holding a sun in her hand

Meditation Is Common In Many Religions

Source: World Religion News


Lessons I Learnt From Living In The World’s Happiest Place

Source: The Straits Times

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Ambassador of Finland Tells You Why They are the Happiest People in the World

Source: Network 18

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Neuroplasticity and Mindfulness
– The Key to a Bigger and Better Brain

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The Therapeutic Science Of Adult Coloring Books

Source: Medical Daily

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Mindfulness Is Going Mainstream Because Of Science

Source: The Daily Beast


Mindfulness On A Forest Walk Can Boost One’s Health: Local Study

Source: The Straits Times

Source: https://www.buro247.sg/lifestyle/technology/mindfi-app-stress-relief-open-eye-meditation.html

A Review of Mindfi

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Mindfulness – Antidote to the Stress of Modern Living